Unless expressly stipulated to the contrary, sales will take place under the following conditions:

1. Prices:

The sales prices of our catalogs do not include VAT, as they are sales directed exclusively to companies or professionals, and will be expressed in Euros. The prices that appear in our sales documents are guaranteed for the duration of their validity, except for printing errors.

2. Reservation of domain:

As long as the corresponding invoice has not been fully paid, the delivered merchandise will remain the property of Daniel Liza Herrero COESTA & STARGRAFIC

3. Guarantees:

All our products do not have a guarantee, except for manufacturing errors. If the product is defective or has manufacturing defects, it will be exchanged immediately. To do this, you must send the defective product in its original packaging to COESTA & STARGRAFIC freight prepaid so that we can verify the defect of the product and proceed to send it back in good condition. This section is not applicable in case of deterioration due to improper use of the product.

4. Shipping, Transportation and Packaging:

Our products travel throughout the peninsula by our usual transport, for orders whose amount exceeds the limit indicated in our sales documents. For special orders, transport chosen by the client, and expeditions outside the peninsula, the products will be sent freight collect. We remind you of the legal obligation of the recipient (Article 366 - Commercial Code), to verify the merchandise at the time of delivery, and in case of visible defects, never sign the merchandise as compliant but rather make a written reservation on the delivery note of the carrier as an immediate claim. In this case, you must store the merchandise at your facilities until it is collected and / or appraised, and, in the event of hidden damage inside the package, file a claim within 24 hours. following delivery, by contacting COESTA & STARGRAFIC. Claims made later will not be valid. If the merchandise has been damaged during transport to the point of being unusable, the recipient is not obliged to accept it, and in case of rejecting it, he must immediately inform COESTA & STARGRAFIC.

5. Delivery times:

This section is already indicated in "Shipping".

6. Right of returns:

Although this right of return is not subject to any formality, it is advisable to contact COESTA & STARGRAFIC by telephone. to report the return, and the merchandise must be returned to our warehouse freight prepaid. The cost of transport in case of return will be borne by the customer. Within a maximum period of 30 days from the conversation they have with COESTA & STARGRAFIC and this will later return the amounts paid to the client.

7. Responsibility:

COESTA & STARGRAFIC will not be liable in any way for any damages of any nature that may arise from improper use of its products.

8. Payment terms:

Unless expressly stated otherwise on the invoice itself, payment is understood in cash and without discount. In the event that payment is not made on the due date, all or part of the merchandise, it will be required immediately and fully. Furthermore, COESTA & STARGRAFIC reserves the right to suspend any contract in progress. Non-payment of a due date will entitle COESTA & STARGRAFIC to demand compensation from the debtor consisting of 15% of the amount owed, with a minimum of € 20. Also in this case the expenses derived from a possible legal action will be borne by the debtor.

9. Litigation:

For the resolution of any divergence that may arise, the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona will be competent, waiving any other jurisdiction.

10. Privacy Policy:

Our catalogs are aimed exclusively at companies, administrations, communities, associations, and merchants and professionals of legal age who act in the field of their professional activity. Therefore, you expressly state that, in any of the relationships you maintain with COESTA & STARGRAFIC, the data you provide us, and that will be processed, are contact data and refer only to your business or professional activity, issues that exclude the application of the regulations applicable to personal data. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in order to obtain the full satisfaction of our clients, we inform you that the personal data that you have provided us and those that you provide us throughout your business relationship with COESTA & STARGRAFIC, will be included in the File of Clients whose Responsible is COESTA & STARGRAFIC, and will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. For more details about the privacy policy or if you wish to consult, rectify or cancel your data, or oppose the treatments that this company gives to your data, contact COESTA & STARGRAFIC.